History of Crossroads Church of God

History of Crossroads Church of God

Around 1944, Rev. S.K. Mabry, Sr. started an independent church. The name of the independent church was Faith Tabernacle in 1948 and lasted until early1950. Then in 1950, the church voted to come into the Church of God organization. The name was Pentecostal Church of God which was then changed to Sedalia Church of God as a church plant.

On April 24th, 1950, the Sedalia Church of God was organized with 27 charter members. The Rev. Arthur A. Smith was the first Pastor.

In 1961, under the leadership of Rev. Dorothy Wallace, lots were purchased at 9th and Madison. On December 11, 1961, the first service was conducted in the new basement. The congregation worshipped in the basement until Rev. Dan Gregory was appointed pastor. Under his leadership, the main auditorium was started.

In August, 1966, Rev. Irvin Hammon was appointed Pastor. With his faith in God and the congregation, that it could be done, the building was completed. The Church and the beautiful three-bedroom parsonage was valued at $28,000. Since this time, the church has seen a lineage of pastors.

Pastoral Roster of the Church

·        (Founder) Arthur A. Smith (April 24, 1950-?)

·        Rev. Cox (?- April 28, 1954)

·        Robert Hammond (April 30, 1954 - March 28, 1955)

·        Kenneth M. Stephens (?)

·        Dorothy Wallace (January 1959-October 1963)

·        Chester Carr (November 1963-July 1964)

·        Daniel Gregory (August 1964-July 1966)

·        Irvin C. Hammon (August 1966-May 1969)

·        L.D. Maxwell (June 1969-August 1970)

·        Flay Campbell (September 1970-April 1985)

·        James Martin (May 1985-November 1985)

·        Chris Vandergraph (December 1985-July 1990)

·        Jack Kirkendall (August 1990-May 1995)

·        Kevin Hall (August 1995-July 1996)

·        Gregg Causey (October 1996-May 2004)

·        Ronald Dane (November 2004-May 2006)

·        Donny R. Hayward (December 2006-March 2007)

·        Ronald K. Glitthens (June 2007-December 2007)

·        Nelson L. Eader (January 2008-April 2009)

·        Michael Chelton (May 2009-July 2011)

·        Randell L. Baugus, MDiv (September 2011 ·August 2017)

·        Jamie T. Karales (September 2017-February 2018)

·        J. Chris Cantrell, BS (March 2018-January 2021)

·        Dave Bannister (June 2021-May 2022)

·        W. Christopher King, AAS, BS, MAR (June 2022-Present)